In Our Highest Standards for Products

Lennard Ag brings Innovation, Growth and Commitment to every phase of crop production, storage and delivery – ultimately providing top-quality products for the market. In supplying potatoes to processors, we aggressively check, test and retest our products before they leave our operations.

  • Each load of potatoes is handled with care and with strict adherence to our quality control practices – from the first seed cut, through planting, harvesting and delivery to our customers.
  • Our chipping potatoes are fry-tested and measured against our quality standards. Real-time quality reports are shared with customers on every load.
  • Lennard Ag follows the Good Agricultural Practices guidelines as outlined by the USDA. Our entire team understands the value of food quality and practices our detailed standard operating procedures.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology begins in the field with precision ag systems and carries through to a custom-designed, web-based quality control system.
  • Our refrigerated, environmentally-controlled storage is constantly monitored for temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and overall potato health.